Our Full & Fun Day

This morning Paxton was ready to go to church to play with other babies and kids while I went to my first Mom’s Group meeting! How wonderful it was to meet other mom’s of littles and get out of the house! They are reading The Power of a Praying Parent and discussing (I’ve read The Power of a Praying Wife before but now that I’m a mama I’m anxious to dive into this book!) I’m excited about Mom’s Group!

Looking adorable! Thanks Aunt Tammy for the sweet outfit and Aunt Kelly for the jacket (it was a little brisk this morning!)

He’s jabbering…

And jabbering a little more! This boy is loud! He has quite the personality and just loves to talk!

Check out the socks…love the stripes which match the stripes on his sweet little shirt!

Since today was our very first outing as Mommy and Paxton, I tried to get a picture of us! This is one attempt…

And another…This shot is hilarious! My eyes are huge and Paxton looks disgusted!!

The best one…notice the little hand grasping a little foot at the bottom!

After Mom’s Group, Paxton and I went to the Carter’s store to browse! Oh my, we just walked around and admired all of the cute clothes (his little overall outfit he wore today is Carter’s!) This was the first time I’ve been out shopping by myself in a long time  and now I have a mobile child; everything I’d pick up or reach for Paxton would want to grab – I’m entering new territory!! We did make one purchase, a bib that says “Daddy’s Little Helper,” it’s fitting since Paxton is drooling like crazy these days (I don’t see or feel any teeth yet which I’m okay with!)

After our short shopping trip we came home and both ate lunch followed by an afternoon of playing and baking (I made Pumpkin Bread…yum!) John David arrived home around 5:00 and played with Paxton while I finished dinner.

This is how we found him this evening after he’d been in his room about 10 minutes. Important to know…the barn was against the wall where the yellow horse is and the crib skirt was underneath the crib (haven’t gotten around to putting it back on yet!) How does a 5-month-old roller/scooter manage to move a barn that is just about the same size he is?? I’m amazed and entertained at this little guy!!

It was wrapped around him!! Too funny!! Of course I had to grab the camera and snap some pictures and call John David to come and look at his son!! (And don’t mind the socks…I know they don’t match, I just grabbed a pair!)

So that was our full and fun day!

[I’m caught up with sharing pictures! I had been a day (or  2 or 4…)behind lately! No promises but I’m going to attempt to do a much better job at keeping the blog more current for our loving grandparents, aunts and dear friends…we love & miss you all!]

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  1. Denise says:

    Thanks for the pictures!! I am glad that you enjoyed your mom's group and getting out of the house!

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