Our Day

We had a lovely day! We both slept until after 8 and then Paxton ate, I love our early morning snuggles! After I ate breakfast we headed to town to get a few groceries. We had a wonderful trip to Kroger and Aldi (no unhappy baby or blowouts)! I wore him in my Peanut Shell sling and he was a happy baby!

We also did laundry! I have a really cute laundry helper!

He enjoyed hanging out on the clean clothes!

He laid on the bed and watched me fold, it wasn’t long before he was unfolding them for me!

While I was ironing, I looked over to see him playing with his jammies!

Nothing like snuggling with jammies and sucking a thumb! (He slept until I finished my ironing and then was ready to eat!)

Modeling his new little outfit from his grandmother! So cute!!

He’s such a happy baby!

Hanging out in the big chair!

I had a good day with him by myself but he really didn’t want to be left alone, he likes to see me at all times! Thank goodness for my Moby Wrap, his Bumbo and my arms (which are getting stronger and stronger from carrying around our big boy!)

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  1. Sarah says:

    These pictures are so cute. Carsyn is starting to get that way.

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