Our Day…So Far


Life with a toddler is certainly never, ever dull! Here’s what’s been going on in the Boreing household so far today:

At 6:30 I was woken by a crying little man! I quickly made my way to the bathroom (a curse of pregnancy!), put some milk in a bottle (he’s taking cow’s milk…just out of a bottle still, we’re working on transitioning to milk in sippy’s) and went and grabbed him! At the first sight of me the crying stopped! After checking to make sure he wasn’t too wet, we go climb back in our bed, he drinks an ounce or two of milk and rolls over, puts his hand on my face and falls back to sleep (so sweet!)

Around 8:30 I wake again and John David is ready to leave for work and Paxton is up and active! Since he’s leaving I must get up or our toddler will tear the house down! After a quick trip to the bathroom, I walk in the kitchen to discover this:


Yes, he’s learned to climb! This is the second time he’s climbed on the table! 


Just hanging out on top of the table!

After snapping these pictures, I get him off the table and we eat breakfast. We hang out in the living room eating our cereal, playing on the iPad and reading Little Farm in the Ozarks {I decided last night that I wanted to start reading a chapter book to Paxton}. He listened to the first half of the chapter pretty well and then got down to play while I continued reading.

When we’re in his room for a diaper change, he notices his tennis shoes so I give them to him and he insists on socks. He tries to put on the shoes and socks and finally brings them to me so I can put them on! Once the shoes are on, he starts pointing to the door and saying ‘bye’! I go change out of my pjs, put on some shoes and we head outside. We put some letters in the mailbox and then decide to pick up sticks. We spent about 45 minutes picking up sticks (he picked up a pine cone or two!) While I was picking up sticks he was exploring!

By the time we’re finished with the sticks, it’s nearly 11 and we’re both sweaty! We head inside and take a bath together…the first bath we’ve taken together in months! After bath, Paxton’s asking for another snack. We both had a little snack and then I put him down for his morning nap which should have been around 10:30, it’s now nearly 12!

Thankfully he goes down easily and I climb in bed and read some blogs and look at baby names and just rest! It’s 1:00 before he wakes up and it’s time for lunch! We eat lunch and while he’s finishing up, I wash dishes! Then I gather a load of laundry to start and pull some milk and meat for dinner out of the freezer to thaw out.

After this, he heads to his room where I catch him on his computer!



Sweet little man! {And I am completely envious of his chair!}

I decide this is a perfect time to stuff diapers which dried overnight on the drying rack. After stuffing diapers, we head in the office so I can upload photos and blog. Paxton has kept himself busy pulling books off the bookshelf, playing with clothespins, bringing me my flip flops and trying them on and giving me the occasional hug!

It’s now 3 and we’ve already had a busy day but I’m sure there’s much more excitement to come in the next few hours!!

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    Happy post. 🙂

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