Our Big Play Day

Paxton and I had a wonderful playtime yesterday afternoon! He held his head up¬†continuously¬†more than 5 minutes! Up until yesterday afternoon, whenever we’d put him on his belly after about 30 seconds he’d be crying in protest! He really seemed to enjoy it and was checking out all of his toys!

Checking out his bunny and the carrot with his bunny rattle in hand!!

He was just studying the carrot! I loved watching him really explore all of the different colors and textures on his playmat!

Look at him! He looks so big, it almost looks like he is going to get up and start crawling!

Of course after holding his head up continuously and then having some more playtime on his back he was just wore out! His play mat makes a nice little napping spot too!

If you missed it, I shared a video of him “talking” yesterday!

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