Our Big News

Paxton is going to be a big brother!!!

After a week of extreme tiredness and a bit of nausea in late April/early May, I thought it was possible that I was pregnant. I took my first test on May 4 and we had a ‘faint’ positive! John David wasn’t fully convinced and I wasn’t either!  We decided to take another test to make sure! We did again on May 7 and had another positive. I celebrated my second Mother’s Day as a mama to 2 (although the only people who knew were John David and me and we were in disbelief!!)

I had my first midwife appointment on June 15th but the only thing we learned at that visit was that I had a tilted uterus (which explained my horrible back pain!) The tilted uterus should correct itself and I’m finding my back pain beginning to go away. Since I haven’t had a cycle since before Paxton, there was no way of knowing how many weeks I was, they were guessing about 4 weeks so they didn’t do an ultrasound at that visit. {And thus we didn’t have a due date and didn’t want to tell anybody!}

I had about 6 weeks of nausea and food aversions but have not been sick like I was with Paxton. With him, I was sick from week 6 to 12! I think part of my feeling better this time has to do with the fact that I have a toddler to take care of, I have to feed him and change stinky diapers and I don’t just stay on the couch all day like I did with him. There is one striking similarity between these two pregnancies so far, with Paxton the only food I could eat consistently without getting sick was pizza and with this pregnancy, pizza was just about the only thing that sounded appetizing to me for a few weeks.

We had another midwife appointment and ultrasound last Thursday and our new baby looks healthy! I hadn’t gained a pound since the last visit but the midwife wasn’t concerned because the baby looks completely healthy. I was a bit concerned since I am still nursing Paxton. She said I can continue nursing for the next few months, we’re already slowly weaning, he is down to only morning and evening and I plan for him to be completely weaned within the next 2 months.

We were surprised to see how much of a baby he/she looks like, we weren’t quite 8 weeks when we had our first ultrasound with Paxton and he looked like a little bean! At the time of the ultrasound we were 11 weeks 5 days! I was expecting to be about 10 weeks so being nearly 12 was a bit of a shock to me!

Paxton’s little brother or little sister is due December 31st! {I’m kind of hoping I’ll be at least a day overdue so we can have our babies in even years! Of course everyone keeps reminding us that before the 31st means a tax deduction! 🙂 }

Now, the big decision ahead of us is whether or not we want to find out the gender! Since Paxton was born, I said I want to wait until the birth to find out with our next one but now that we have one on the way I’m starting to think I want to know! {If it is a boy I can begin shopping thrift and consignment stores, clearances and yard sales for some inexpensive matching or coordinating outfits and if it is a girl I can begin looking for sweet girly things!!}  John David wants to know! We will have the next ultrasound around week 18 or 20 which means we have only 6-8 weeks to decide if we want to find out!

We’re so thrilled that Paxton is going to have a close in age sibling! He’ll be 20.5 months when our new baby comes so they’ll be close and hopefully the best of friends and playmates!

8 Responses to “Our Big News”

  1. Pam says:

    Congratulations Boreing family.

  2. Bethany Rudd says:

    Oh Rachel! That's wonderful news!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!

  3. Kelly says:

    Yay!!! SO happy for y'all!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Molly says:

    Congratulations! May I ask how you found your midwife so quickly?

  5. Amand says:

    Congratulations!! I am so happy for yall!! Cant wait to start seeing those belly pics!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much!!

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