One Year Later

Paxton has been wearing some of the same bodysuits for an entire year now! That’s pretty much unheard of for a baby I’m sure.

Since his torso was so long when he was small, around 4 months old he was wearing some 12 month bodysuits which he can still wear now at 16 months!

Here’s our sweet little 4-month-old Paxton wearing a 12-month bodysuit! It’s slightly big on him but it didn’t swallow him by any means!

And here he is at 16 months wearing the exact same 12-month bodysuit!

Sweet itty, bitty Paxton!!
He’s changed so much! And has a lot more hair these days!

Carter’s has a saying, “If they could just stay little ’til their Carter’s wear out.” Since his torso hasn’t grown much in a year, we’re certainly wearing our Carter’s bodysuits out!


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