One Sleepy Baby

Yesterday was quite the day. My car wouldn’t start yesterday morning and my mom fell down the attic stairs and had to go to the emergency room. (More details on Frugal & Simple Living.) Thankfully my mom is okay, she is just very sore and my car started and is running fine.

After all the events of the day, Paxton was feeling his mama’s stress and was one tired baby boy!

Ready to go to bed! Yes, our 4.5 month old still sleeps in gowns! We love them, his feet are not constrained and they are cool for summertime. (And we don’t believe that babies need to be bundled up, they get hot!)

Our precious little thumb sucker!

Relaxed and enjoying that thumb!

While Paxton was relaxing on the couch, Rebekah and I were attempting to put up Emerson’s Pack ‘N Play. We tried and tried for a solid 10 minutes! (Mom is the one who usually puts it up, she knows how it works!) Since we couldn’t get it up and mom was gone, we decided to go get the bassinet for Paxton to sleep in.

To get the bassinet, Beka had to venture into the attic! I was Beka’s “spotter” as she ventured up! She just got the actual bassinet and not the frame so it was like a Moses basket.

Sweet Paxton snoozing in the bassinet. He is just about too big! (He did not roll over at all throughout the night because he was so constrained.)

Good morning Paxton! See those sweet little hands…Emerson was very excited to see Paxton this morning!

She climbed into the bassinet with him! There wasn’t much room at all for those two but it was precious!

This shows you how big he is and how little room he had!

We’re having a nice relaxing day so far! Mom is taking it slow and I’m enjoying spending time with my family!

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  1. Meg says:

    I definitely see the red hair in these pictures! 🙂 Adorable!

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