One Messy Boy

We’ve entered a messy stage and we have one messy boy on our hands! {Also a reason I haven’t posted for 9 days!}

Just when I think he can’t get any more active or messy, he does! He has been changing so much over these past few days. Every day he’s babbling new “words” and finding new things to explore and get into!

He’s becoming a little boy more and more everyday!

His books are still his favorite “toys”! He loves to pull his books off of the bookshelf!

He caught me snapping this picture!

Another question of mine, why do children’s books have dust jackets? He loves taking them off of his books! So far he’s ripped and wrinkled two so they’re just permanently off of the books and are “toys”!

Completely content in his sea of books! Our home never looks clutter free these days because there are books strewn all over the living room!

In addition to books (see the board books above that have been removed from the nursery bookcase!) Paxton also enjoys playing with his diapers and wipes! I frequently walk into his room to find that he has removed all of his diapers from their baskets and has opened his wipes case! He’s frequently sucking on his (cloth) wipes {They are just damp with water…no wipes solution on them! I suppose he realizes that’s an easy source of water when he can’t find his sippy cup…ha ha!}

Notice the circle where Paxton obviously sat and played with the diapers? {Forgive the poor picture quality..don’t know why these pics look so bad!}

When I go in his room to find diapers and wipes everywhere I’m so tempted to get rid of our open changing table and replace it with a dresser changing table where I can tuck the diapers and wipes out of his reach and create less clean up work for me! It might be a necessity if/when we add another child to our family!

So that’s a glimpse of our messy boy! And you better believe that at this very moment there are books strewn all over!

2 Responses to “One Messy Boy”

  1. Sarah says:

    He he. It doesn't get better. Just is replaced with trucks and cars. lol.

  2. Patricia says:

    Why don't you simply put the baskets of diapers and wipes up on the dresser, taking the decorative toys on the dresser and putting them on the shelves. that's what my daughter did when her daughter began to walk and "discover" shelves… Ellie is now 19 months old and has learned to put her books (that she has pulled out of the bookcases) into book baskets – they are placed in important play areas, Ellies kitchen corner with her table and dolly high chair, in the bathroom next to her potty chair, in her mom's office, in her dad's office, in the living room and in the master bedroom… her room has its own bookcase filled with books so doesn't need a basket… she loves to "read" and be read to so books are precious to her – in all her months of book handling, she has torn on old, old book that my daughter bought at a library sale and it already had a few tears on the pages…

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