One Dirty Boy


Yesterday it was slightly overcast right after lunch time so Paxton and I put on our shoes and went outside! We went to the mailbox, picked flowers and pulled a few weeds out of our “garden” (which consists of 2 pepper plants & 4 struggling tomatoes!)

While we were weeding I looked over to see my little helper with soil all over his hands and mouth. Apparently his idea of soil testing is a taste test! Boys will be boys I suppose!

He was just too cute with his dirty face not to get a picture and I love the sweet little smile he gave me! Plus, he’s showing off his newest tooth, on the bottom right!!¬†

He also wore his “big boy” tennis shoes! These were hand-me-downs from the Werner’s that we received before he was born! After some recent rapid foot growth, he’s wearing these size 6 tennis shoes! They’re so cute because they’re tiny tennis shoes! They ¬†make him look like such a big boy when he’s wearing them!

This child is so much fun! I think everyday that it just can’t get any better than this and it does! I love him more with each passing day and he becomes more fun too!! Life is simply wonderful!




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