One Cool Kid


So, I know Paxton is our kid but we think he is the cutest, most adorable and coolest toddler ever! {Little brother has a lot to live up to!!}

He loves rock music, guitars and drums. He wears his shades like one cool dude, he fist bumps and hi fives. He never meets a stranger and loves everybody! And he’s a good sleeper (I think that’s the best!)

We couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of our cool toddler the other day! Shades, a rock star hoodie and chewing on a finger, seriously how much cooler can you get at 17 months? 


One stinkin’ cute child!

There’s never ever a dull moment and about 10 ‘he did the cutest thing ever moments’ every single day! I love being a parent!!


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  1. Kim says:

    Paxton will have a lot to teach his little brother about being cool!

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