October So Far

Once again, I’ve been busy living life and not taking too many pictures and not blogging here. Here are a few snapshots from October so far:

Weston fell asleep in the Boba on my back and I was able to lay him down and he slept for about 45 minutes! He looked way too cute not to snap a picture!

Precious, precious baby boy.

Weston got into his brothers crayons…

Weston trying to drum!

Silly, silly Paxton.

Brothers playing…

I love, love, love this picture! It looks like Weston was putting the basket on Paxton’s head! He wasn’t but it’s still funny.

Bucket head. Paxton loves wearing buckets on his head!

And our Weston man is moving like crazy and getting into everything. I found him standing on the dishwasher the other day, too funny not to snap a picture of the moment.

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