Nothing Like Family

We have had a lovely past two days spending time together as a family! John David was off Friday and of course he’s off today too! Both mornings we’ve slept in and so has Paxton! He woke up around 8:45 both mornings and I’d bring him to our bed and prop up on pillows and nurse (while John David continued his sweet slumber!)

There is nothing like snuggling with your sweet baby and husband and having nowhere to go and nothing to do!

Yesterday after our leisurely morning we went to the “city!” We put some of Paxton’s money in our savings account (while we try to figure out the best way to save for college), then we went to Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day! We enjoyed our yummy free meals there!

Paxton even had a tail!

After our wonderful lunch we headed to Old Navy to return some jeans I had bought Paxton. I purchased them and then I found a pair of 6-12 month jeans at a secondhand store for $3.50 and John David’s mom picked him up a pair of 3-6 month jeans at a yard sale! So we returned over $15 worth of baby jeans (bought with a giftcard of course!) We looked around the store and John David found a western shirt complete with “pearl” buttons and I found 3 basic tops and after purchasing those items, we still have about $6 left on the card!

Then we went to Target to purchase a bigger bottle for Paxton! He is eating about 6 oz of pumped milk at a time and his Soothie bottles only are marked for 5 oz but will hold 6…he loves to eat! We picked up a 9 ozĀ Breastflow bottle (made by the same company as Soothie)! They seem like wonderful bottles for breastfed babies!

On the way home, John David did a little tech support at some friends (whose home has the exact floor plan as ours!!) Then we came home and watched This Is It. (That was mind blowing…especially from John David’s tech perspective!)

This morning Paxton went back to sleep after nursing!

And look at those sweet feet!!

Now, I’m getting off of the computer so I can enjoy more family time!

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