New Lens



We received a new camera lens from John David’s mom for Christmas. I don’t know the details on it, John David does all of that, but I will say, it’s awesome and takes some awesome pictures!

Here are some pictures John David took on December 30! {I’ll eventually get around to posting stuff from this year!} 🙂


Wearing teeny Weston in the Moby Wrap, he’s no where near this small now!


Sweet, tiny babe!!


Weston’s big yawn!! So sweet!!


This was taken around mid-night, he’s bright eyed and ready to party from about 12 until 2! It’s no fun for mama and daddy!


This is how we discovered Paxton sleeping that night…adorable! And the new lens took this shot in the dark!! Amazing.

Here is another shot:


I’m amazed that the first picture is so clear! 


Journaling about our first week with our sweet boy!


In his jammies and knocked out…since mama is holding him!


I love holding my sweet sleeping boy!!


Precious swaddled babe!


Big stretch!!The ‘burping’ face! He’s a hard to burp baby so we have to try different ways to get them out! I love these sweet cheeks!!


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