New Belly Button

This morning when John David changed Paxton’s diaper he noticed his cord had fallen off sometime during the night! How exciting, yet sad…my baby is growing up (yes, I am a bit sappy at times, I blame it completely on my hormones right now!)

Modeling his new cord-free belly!

Paxton’s adorable belly button!

We also tried out more cloth diapers today!

Here he is in the Flip diaper. It is a one-size diaper with inserts! It is big on him…the legs aren’t completely fitted on him right now. I think we really need to wait a few more weeks before we can begin using the Flip diapers.

Sweet baby legs! (Excuse his dryness…he is so dry, I’ve been told it is┬ácompletely┬ánormal though!)

He wore 2 Flips (they were both a little big on his skinny little legs and we had a little leaking). He also tried out 2 Bum Genius One-Size diapers, they were bulkier than the small All-in-One but not as big as I anticipated them being on him.

Wearing a cute bib from his Nannie! She gave it to him when we found out we were having a boy in December…she couldn’t resist that it says ‘boring’ on it!

Enjoying some daddy snuggles before bed time feeding!

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