Paxton’s nap schedule has gotten crazy since he’s been cutting his molars. He went from a nap at 10 and 2 to no naps or a nap around 3 or 4. To say the least it’s been a bit challenging however I always put him down around 10 and 2, trying to keep up the consistency in hopes that once this round of teething is over he’ll start napping again! Thankfully he doesn’t scream and cry the whole time he’s in his crib. Instead, he has a big ole time!


This particular day I heard all kinds of commotion to find him running all around the crib! He’d taken off his socks and his pants and threw his blankets and babies out of the bed! I snapped a few pictures real quick of him in action!


The baby head stand…he spotted me!


Happy to see mama!

Of course he really was tired. I put his socks and pants back on, grabbed a blanket and his paci and rocked him in the chair in our room. In a few minutes he was out! After he’d been sleeping for a few minutes, I put him down on our bed and within 3 minutes he was up. I went and picked him up and he pointed back to the chair so I just sat him in it. In a minute, he was sound asleep again:He slept like this for nearly an hour! Propped up in the chair! So stinkin’ sweet!


2 Responses to “Naptime”

  1. naptimemomtog says:

    So sweet. He may be moving to one nap. Carsyn has been doing one nap starting around 1 and sleeping till 5. It is nice.

    • Rachel says:

      I cannot imagine a nap that long! It must be nice!! Some days Paxton doesn't even nap but I'm so thankful he enjoys 'naptime', I suppose I should be calling it 'quiet time'!

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