My Week

This past week has been a pretty good one and pretty productive! I spent Monday and Tuesday trying to study for my upcoming CLEP Biology test but all I did pretty much was sulk because I was “bored”…a word just a month ago I said I would never use because I longed for a day when I had nothing to do!! Well I turned my “boredness” into productivity…sort of! I decided to take up reading to occupy some of my “bored” time. I began reading Ann of Green Gables again since I haven’t read any of those since 7th grade! I must admit I am enjoying myself!

Tuesday night John David and I went out so I could get out of the house! We ended up going to Wal-Mart, where we bought nothing, J.C. Penney where he bought a shirt for work, Ross where he bought 2 shirts for work, and Goodwill! I found The Power of a Praying Wife there for $1.49! I had been looking for this book for awhile now and I was so excited that I found it! John David found a little mini TV that he is planning to use for video playback so he was happy with his purchase too and he now has plenty of short sleeve shirts to wear to work!

Yesterday I was incredibly productive! I studied Biology 4 hours, which is a praise that I was disciplined enough to do that! And today I have already studied an hour and a half and have been to CVS where I got some really great deals: 4 12-packs of Dr. Pepper, 2 bottles of Listerine Mouth Wash, 4-pack of Ivory Soap, and Aquafresh toothpaste for $13.98 and I got $10.98 in ECB’s back!! YAY!!

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