My Wedding Scrapbook is Finished

Well, 2 years, 3 months, and 27 days later I finally have finished our wedding scrapbook! I am so excited to be finished! I started it shortly after we were married and would work on it during Christmas and Summer break but had never completed it…until now!!

I pulled the book and pictures out yesterday determined to complete it but almost didn’t even start because I had no yellow paper! Instead I found my scraps (with very little yellow) and one 12×12 sheet of black paper and I truly “scrap” booked 22 pages!! Since I didn’t have much paper I put lots of pictures on each page, I am very happy with each page that I did and amazed that I was able to complete 22 pages with so little! Here are a few of the pages!

The page on the left was already completed (all the “wasted” paper) but the page on the right was the first one I completed!

One of my favorites, the grandparents page. We were blessed that all of our grandparents were at our wedding!

Another favorite…the tractor page! We left on John David’s tractor!!

I really like this page, these are my favorite dating pictures. They were used on the table where our guest registry was and I found the yesterday when I was cleaning out pictures, since they were already mounted on the yellow paper I knew they would make a great page!

This page was already completed but I had to share because I just like it so much!

John David and I just looked through the scrapbook together, I am so glad it is finished so we can remember our wedding day and our children will be able to look through the pages and see details of our wedding!

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