My He’s Changed

It’s finally warm enough to swim and our pool is open! Yay! Paxton has several swimming suits which is funny to me since he’s so little and growing so fast and mama and daddy only have one each! (Although we really should get at least another suit since we’re swimming almost everyday…)

Anyways, one of this years suits is a pair of swim shorts that he wore last year! Since he’s so skinny they still fit (of course they were a little big last year!)

I have to share the comparison:

Look at that itty bitty baby! He was only 3 months here! Of course, I am amazed that he can still wear the same bottoms 10 months later! And the hair, he looks just about bald! I’m¬†absolutely¬†amazed at how much more hair he has!

One handsome little man ready to splish and splash in the water!

One more shot of the little guy! Of course he really wasn’t all that little….Emerson was 13 months and he is only 3 months and there is about a 3 inch height difference!


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