My Busy Week

Well it has been several days since I last wrote anything! We had a busy weekend, we attended a Civil War re-enactment which was the first one for both of us! It was very interesting and we will probably try to attend some more. The re-enactment really helps history come alive which is awesome! I think every high school history class would benefit from attending a re-enactment!

I have recently embraced my love for reading once again. When I am in school I have to read so much that I neglect reading for fun! I have read several books these past few weeks! My most recent reading is Anne of Green Gables and I am currently reading Anne of Avonlea! I am going to read all of those books since I haven’t read them since 7th grade!

I have also been studying, my Biology test is on the 24th! I spent last week studying hard and have somewhat neglected my studies this week but I am going to study at least an hour this evening and probably even more tomorrow and this weekend!

The reason this week has been crazy is because I have been working at VBS!!! I am an assistant teacher for the Younger 3’s and it has been a great experience! 3-year-olds are so much fun and very funny!! I have had a blast… it teaches you to stay on your toes and there is never a dull or calm moment! We have had about 12-14 everyday and there are just two of us!! Tomorrow is water day so I am sure they will have a blast and I will get very wet!!

Also, Rebekah is here visiting!! Yay.. company in the guest room!!! She has been here since Monday and is planning to stay until Saturday! We have enjoyed having her here!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    How fun! I love Anne of Green Gables. Glad you have a visitor.

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