Mr. Mess

We’ve entered a messy stage and The messes this child can create is amazing! He is literally into everything and anything he can get his hands!

Sunday evening while I was vacuuming the pool, I had Paxton corralled on the back deck. It was working wonderfully, he was playing with his ball, I could see him, he could see me so he wasn’t fussy, and he was having fun climbing onto and off of his picnic table.

Well, about 5 minutes before I was finished, I looked over and couldn’t see him. I called his name and he walks out from behind the grill. He’s been playing in soot! Lovely! He had it all over his hands, belly and a little around his mouth!

Messy hands. It was not easy to clean off either!

One very active little boy! {After the soot incident I was so thankful I put him just in shorts, he would have ruined whatever shirt he was wearing!}

He may be a handful but he’s still adorable!

And apparently he tried to get in the house. I have greasy, sooty little finger marks all over the back door!

And here’s more evidence of Mr. Messy:

The only thing he did not do in here was strip the bed {I did that since the sheets needed washing!}. He got my pants out of the closet, brought toys and a pot holder in here and flipped the clothes basket!

His room! He got into the diapers and the dirty clothes!

And the living room with a various assortment of toys, a diaper and my purse. And the pillows, they never, ever stay on the couch. He is always dragging them off!

I’m really thinking we need to baby proof a little more, remember to close my closet door ¬†and declutter a little more so there is not so much stuff to be drug all over the house!

2 Responses to “Mr. Mess”

  1. Sarah says:

    ha ha! Welcome to the world of being a boys mom. It only gets worse. lol. He is so cute! I love his hair!

  2. Rachel Campbell says:

    Ha! I had to laugh when I saw the dirty laundry being strewn everywhere… my 1 yr old does the same thing! They really know how to get a place messy!

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