In the midst of packing, we packed the baby!!

Actually putting our very mobile and active child in a box was a great idea! He was safely in one spot!

Ready to go to Georgia!!

Checking out mama as she packs more boxes!


Things have been crazy these past few weeks! We had an easy move and have been blessed with food from Aunt Pat and our new church! Not having to worry about meals really is a huge blessing!

We’re settling in and enjoying our new home! The nursery is 100% together and so is the kitchen! We still have a few things to do in the living room, master and office and we also have quite a bit of decluttering (the garage is still about half full of our mostly useless stuff!)

We attended our first service this past Wednesday and look forward to Sunday and John David’s first day on the 11th!

3 Responses to “Moving”

  1. Lori West says:

    So happy the move went well and you are settling in. Glad your new church is taking good care of you!!! We miss y'all!!!

  2. Jenna says:

    I'm curious…did you move to Georgia for the new job? I'm sure it's beautiful there:)

    Blessings as you continue to settle in,

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