Moustache Man

Thankfully the moustache man I’m referring to is not my man (I’m not a fan of the moustache on men!) Instead, the moustache man is my little man…after eating chocolate pudding! Seriously, it was one of the cutest things! And one of the best parts was that after I dashed to grab my camera he was cheesin’ for me!! Love it!

I adore this shot of Paxton! {You can’t tell in this shot but that bottom tooth on the left has broken through…finally!}

Big smiles for mama!!

I adore this shot, I think he looks like a miniature grown up!!
Obviously Paxton enjoys¬†chocolate¬†pudding! And kissing the wall…right after these pictures were taken he kissed the wall, leaving a nice big chocolately spot on the wall for me to clean. The joy of toddlers!!


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