More Pictures of Paxton

When I took pictures for Paxton’s 9 month post, I took a ton! Since he’s moving everywhere, into everything and is quite lively and expressive I captured some funny and adorable faces that I wanted to share!

Love this…he was trying to attack the camera!

Another camera attack shot!

Such a big boy!

He’s getting into his diapers here…


He has been fascinated with this “I Love You Through and Through” book the past couple of days!

Pulling up…


Love this little leg propped up!

Silly, silly child!

Hope you enjoyed those!

And, I know it’s cold ┬ábut he was “just in a diaper” for less than 15 minutes and then I put him back in his onesie, pants and socks!!

3 Responses to “More Pictures of Paxton”

  1. Sarah says:

    So precious. Great photos.

  2. kim says:

    Sweet pics! Thanks for sharing :0) He looks like he’s quite a little ham! I love the 3rd pic….he’s so funny!

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