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We are really enjoying Emerson! Wednesday was a full day…she kept me on my toes! I started cooking dinner around 11:00 while she was napping and thankfully I did that because she was wide awake all afternoon! (I bring dinner to church on Wednesdays for John David and I!) We left home around 4:30 and went to church. Uncle John David wanted to show his niece off!

Thursday was our last day with Emerson by ourselves, her mama arrived around 9:00 that night. Emerson was happy to see her mama!

Here are some pictures of these 2 days:

Bright and early Wednesday morning!

Oh so cute in her elephant outfit!

Mac is very intrigued by Emerson! He is constantly sniffing her and gets really excited around her. He was actually being calm at this moment and laid down beside her….so cute!

Mac is just hanging out with Emmy!

Thursday morning she woke up at 9:30 cooing and smiling! When I went in to see her I found that she had rolled over on her back and had turned around…she was facing the top of the bed that night!

She was all smiles but just wouldn’t smile for the camera! Of course I really don’t blame her…I wouldn’t be too thrilled if somebody stuck a camera in my face when I had been awake for 15 minutes!

Here she is on Thursday in her first outfit of the day…she spit up all over this one and had to be changed! It’s her lamb outfit….see the little tail? It has a matching bib that has a lambs face and her onesie says “baa” on it!! Precious!

Outfit number two!

Love this huge smile!

He just loves her and she loves smiling at him!


She likes to lick & chew on your hands…you have to be careful or she will get you!

Emmy and Uncle John David hanging out waiting for her Mommy to arrive!!

This girl is so much fun to take pictures of! She is just so adorable!

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