Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas Day! This was our third Christmas together as husband and wife but our first Christmas alone. The first year we went to John David’s parents, last year we went to my parents, and this year it was just us! I know to some that probably seems lonely and horrible but we had a wonderful day together!

We slept in until 10:30 and didn’t feel a bit guilty about it at all! Then John David cooked breakfast which was amazing!

My ham biscuit with hash browns

John David’s ham, biscuit, hash browns, and egg

Our beautiful Christmas tree! Bobby, Katie, and Nathan Burns bought us this tree because we didn’t have a Christmas tree and weren’t going to have one because we were moving! It is a beautiful tree that we will use for years to come!!

Then we took pictures of the puppy in front of the tree!

And then pictures of each other, they are typical Christmas morning photos!

My handsome husband!

And took a “family” picture:

Then we opened presents, we each had a gift from my parents to open this morning! We decided not to purchase each other anything because we just purchased a home and got a new puppy and because we have been going to Lowe’s several times a week and purchasing things for our home so we have bought plenty of gifts! And also when you move you realize how much stuff you have and how you don’t need anything! (I somewhat jokingly told John David earlier this week I was boycotting Christmas gifts!!)

This evening we went to the Simmerman’s for dinner which was wonderful! We were able to visit with them and share excitement of children on Christmas and then we visited the Maupin’s and played with their kids too! We are so thankful for the good friends God has blessed us with here! I told John David a few minutes after we got home that it is so great to have good friends to share special days with when family is so far away!

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