Memories of June

We love visiting the library. Paxton adores reading…he couldn’t wait to get inside to start this book!

Reading another book!

I purchased a juicer at a yard sale for $5 back in May and boy are we enjoying our fresh juice! Paxton loves fresh, frothy orange juice!!

Paxton loves, loves, loves strawberries! We can hardly make it into the house with the berries after we pick them!

Enjoying fresh strawberries on the front porch!

Our sweet little garden helper and our abundant cucumber harvest…we’ve made tons of pickles!

Sweet snuggles with my precious Weston.

I love being his mama so much!

The very same night I rocked Weston to sleep, Paxton was having a hard time getting to sleep. I put Weston down and rocked my big boy (a rare treat for mama…I savor these snuggle moments wit my Pax!)

We love our Ergo…makes outings with two little ones easy!

Sweet boys!

Paxton and daddy!

Chunky, precious baby!


I kiss him no less than 50 times a day! Those cheeks, that forehead, the chubby hands and feet just beg for kisses!

Paxton enjoys the bouncer/rocker…on this day he asked for me to buckle him!

Cheesing toddler!

I love seeing Paxton’s sleep positions! This one is so sweet!

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