Maybe He’s Like His Mama

Watching Paxton grow and learn is so much fun! Everyday is a brand new adventure and he’s exploring the world around him and learning so much.

A little personality is beginning to emerge and it’s so exciting watching! Before he was born, I would wonder what is my baby going to look like, will he look like his daddy, will he have dark hair, and many more similar questions. Now, I wonder, what is he going to be like? Will he be a typical first born? Will he be neat or messy? Will he love reading like me or prefer tech stuff like daddy or will he find room in his heart for both?

A few days ago I found evidence suggesting maybe he’s like his mama:

Yes, a laundry basket full of wipes!

This seems insignificant. How can a laundry basket tell me something about my child’s personality?

Well, those wipes were in the wipes container. He removed them from the wipes container and placed them in the basket. All of them! There was not a single wipe in the container or on the ground, they were all in the basket!

You can see the wipes container at the top of this photo! I was just completely amazed that he did this and just wish I could have witnessed it!

I’m thinking he’s going to be like his mama, neat and orderly! Or maybe I’m just hoping…the state of his room each and every day suggests he’s far from neat and orderly, he’s chaotic! Only time will tell…

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ha ha! Too funny!

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