Lots of Little Things

Today has been a day of getting “miscellaneous” things accomplished and I have done pretty good thus far! I started my morning washing sheets, ironing, and cleaning all 3 bathrooms…it takes much longer to scrub 3 toilets, 3 sinks, 2 tubs, and mop 3 bathroom floors than it does just one! I made a checklist of things to take camping this weekend and have all the camping gear together in the living room (behind the couch so the living room doesn’t look too messy!)

I finally did something I have been meaning to do for awhile now, I organized my “Inspiration Book”. Over the past year I have been collecting ideas from magazines and pictures of things I like so when we buy/build a house I will have a reference to look to for the things that I like! I just had all of the pages and pictures stuffed in a folder so I sat down and made dividers and labeled each of the categories and filed away the pictures and articles that go under each one!! My categories are: Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Organization, Kids (yes kids, even though it will be about 5 more years I still have my ideas!), Outdoor Room, Garden, and Crafts & Cute Ideas. I think this will really help me and it is organized and takes up much less space than magazines do!

I also spent some time looking at my new Sunday School Curriculum. I will be teaching the Older 3’s Sunday School Class beginning August 3rd! I am excited about this..I worked with Younger 3’s at Bible School and I am really looking forward to this! 3-year-olds are great!

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