Little Mover

Last week was deadline week for The Cooperator so I have been transcribing the past 2 weeks. Transcribing while caring for a very active and mobile 6-month-old who loves to nurse and is a slow eater (solids) means my days are busy!

I’ve discovered that Paxton just loves being around people! He wasn’t doing well when I’d put him in his nursery so I could get a little work done, he’d cry. He just wanted to see his mama! (It’s really not me…our child just thrives with attention! He has absolutely no mama separation anxiety!)

It finally dawned on me that it would be smart to put a quilt and toys beside my desk! He was much happier and mama got some work done!

While he was hanging out near me, he started moving. I knew he was behind me somewhere but when he started crying loudly, I turned to see him stuck between the couch and the wall (remember…he can’t crawl forward, only backwards so he was really and truly stuck!) After snapping a quick picture I rescued him!

He’s not pulled himself completely up yet but he’s getting close!

Of course a computer is motivation for this little man!

He’s after the computer!

4 Responses to “Little Mover”

  1. Sarah says:

    Look at him go. Have you thought of maybe putting him in a pack and play with toys?

    • Rachel says:

      I've thought about it, we just don't have room for it set up in the living room here. I do sometimes put him in his crib and he plays there for a while (until he remembers he's alone!)

  2. Deb Koch says:

    It's time to baby proof all those electrical outlets before he pulls that plug behind the couch out on his head. Best thing to do is get down on your hands and knees to see what tempting things are at his eye level and get them out of his way.

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