Little Helper

Since I’m always doing laundry and Paxton enjoys being with me, he’s constantly in the laundry basket with our clean laundry! I frequently push or pull him down the hallway making car noises…oh the things mama’s do for their little ones!

He also likes to taste the laundry! Yesterday, while I was folding clothes he picked up a dish cloth and proceeded to chew on it. He was happy the entire time I was folding and once I was finished, I just tossed that dish cloth back into the dirty laundry basket (maybe that’s why I’m always doing laundry!)

Look at this! He did this all by himself! Yes, he pulled himself up! His daddy witnessed it and snapped this picture! I’ve yet to see him do it (and this was taken last Monday evening.)

Looking so big!

And since it has been awhile, here’s Paxton’s blog post:

nnnnnnnnnnnn  n           gmm m, 6 n,m cv ,    c

(Could all the n’s stand for “Nannie” and the gmm mean “Grandma”? Who knows!!)

2 Responses to “Little Helper”

  1. raymond mccosh says:

    boy has he growed since the last picture sure is a hansome boy can see why

  2. Sarah says:

    He is getting so big!!

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