Little Bookworm

We’ve been trying to instill a love of learning in Paxton and I think it’s catching on! I left him in his crib yesterday to play with his cow rattle, a little stuffed duck and his farm book and I came back to find him “reading” his book just like this!!

We love this farm book his Great Grandma Pittman made him! I love reading it to him and he loves listening! I really like that it is cloth and he can play with it at such a young age!

Our little bookworm!!

Here’s the handsome man playing with his new blocks his Aunt Kelly sent him! We love the blocks too! Right now, he’s chewing on them but I’m sure he’ll be building with them in the near future!

Love that grin and those cheeks!!

4 Responses to “Little Bookworm”

  1. Sarah says:

    So cute! I still love reading about your Pittman relatives. 😀 Maybe related way down the line. We started reading to dustyn really young and he learned so much and loves reading!

    • Rachel says:

      Do you have Pittman relatives too? My mom's dad is from Arkansas…

      Reading to your children is so special!!! I am looking forward to teaching him how to read!!!

  2. Molly says:

    Do you think Great Grandma PIttman would be willing to share how she made that book?

    • Rachel says:

      She purchased a piece of fabric that has the pages printed so she just assembled it and added quilt batting. I believe the fabric was purchased at Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.

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