Life with an 8-month-old

Wednesday’s tend to be “easy” mom days! I go to mom’s group from 10-12. It’s nice having a break, spending time from other women and Paxton always comes home tired and usually sleeps at least an hour! Yesterday was no exception. After we ate lunch – and I had to share my quesadilla with him, he has quite the appetite – we played!

Paxton is at the age where he needs to be watched constantly!  I really can’t turn my back to him for more than 30 seconds! I keep our toilet lids and bathroom doors closed these days! No is a frequently used word these days, “no eating trash, no chewing on dirty laundry, no picking up stuff from the floor and putting it in your mouth, no tipping over the aloe plant.”

It’s tiring being a mama to an 8-month-old but it is so much fun! I love that every day brings a new experience and he learns or does something new every single day!

He’s been saying “da da” quite often these days! I tell him to say “ma ma” but “da da” is all that comes out!

Speaking of “da da,” he just lights up when John David gets home! It’s one of my favorite parts of the day because I love seeing his excitement when he sees his daddy!

Hard at play! He loves his wooden blocks, we currently keep them on our coffee table. Our coffee table is only used for toys these days and we’ll  only put our drinks/snacks on it after Paxton is in bed and can’t attack!

He’s also been walking with his little walker! He’s actually really good walking with this and can move pretty fast! It’s so cute to watch him!!

We left home around 5 to go to our Wednesday dinner and service. What a wonderful time of worship and fellowship that was!

After church, I nursed Paxton, put him to bed and then we went to bed too!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Fun! He will be walking before you know it!

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