Life Last Week

Here are some pictures from last week:

Little Weston is not a newborn anymore! He’s developing a personality and interacting with us and things around him!!

Look at that sweet face! And I adore his defined hairline! 🙂

This is hands down  my favorite baby outfit!! I purchased it with gift cards right before Paxton was born! It’s a size 3 month and Paxton wore it until he was 3 months before he grew out of it. {It was a sad day!} Weston wore it for the first time last week…since he’s shorter it still fits him, at least for another week or two!

Since I loved this outfit so much, at the end of summer when Paxton was little, I purchased this romper in 18 months for Paxton to wear the next summer! He wore it all last summer!

And, when we were expecting Weston, I found this exact little romper in size 9 months at a consignment sale for $3!! So, as soon as he grows out of this 3 month one, we have another one waiting and then he’ll wear the 18 month one next summer!!

I suppose it’s a bit excessive that I have 3 of the same outfit but it’s so cute and I love putting my boys in it!

Sweet brothers! I let Paxton climb into Weston’s crib and cuddle with him, he loves brother!!

My big little man is so handsome!!

I found our bed just like this one day! Apparently Paxton thinks mama and daddy need teddy bears! I love the perfect placement in front of the pillows too!!

A little self portrait. I love this sweet chunky baby!

Paxton is quite a responsible little farmer! He fed his animals! I love that they’re all gathered around the apples eating!


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