Lessons Learned

The past two days have been fairly busy! I’ve been transcribing, soothing & holding a fussy baby, playing with Paxton when he’s awake and feeding him (the feeding alone keeps me pretty busy!) Plus, trying to manage my household but I’m finished with my work for now and my home is a little messy but that’s okay!

Bright and early Wednesday morning! Isn’t he precious in this little romper? I think so!

Our handsome man!

Right after I took these pictures, I laid him in his crib and when he woke up and I went and checked on him, he had spit up and the back of the romper on the left side was soaked! Lesson learned: do not put baby in what you want him to wear to church on Wednesday night that morning…odds are it won’t be clean come church time!

So he was changed into a onesie! And he didn’t spit up anymore the entire day…that figures!

At one point during the day, I needed to continue my transcribing but he would not let me put him down so I laid him on my tummy and sat back in my chair and transcribed with him like that for about an hour. After an hour my back was hurting so I laid him on the bed in the office and he slept about 30 minutes more!

Sleeping on the guest bed in the office while mama works!

I couldn’t resist this shot of our beautiful boy!

Time got away from me on Wednesday. Between nursing, working, nursing, laundry, soothing fussy baby, nursing (you get the picture) I forgot to lay out dinner and didn’t start cooking until after 5:00. This was a problem because I typically am at church with dinner for John David before 5:30! Well, I tried my best but the chicken wasn’t cooking fast and I finally had to tell him I couldn’t get dinner done on time! (Which resulted in a phone call and tears on my part and a somewhat helpless feeling husband because he couldn’t console me in person!) Lesson learned: Lay out dinner (especially on Wednesday early in the morning and start cooking well before 5:00!)

After the tears over the phone, I nursed Paxton and just sat in the recliner and relaxed and felt so much better! I suppose a decent cry every now and then is just fine!

Today was a lovely day…I think in part to the fact that I slept in until 11!! Paxton slept 5 hours last night, was up at 5 to nurse and then went back to sleep, back up at 8 and back to sleep and then at 11! I don’t feel guilty at all about sleeping that late, I was so well rested!

I did a load of laundry, laid out meat for dinner around 12 (I am learning from my mistakes!), showered and did a little transcribing and was able to enjoy my sweet boy! I read to him and just enjoyed my baby (who will be 4 weeks old tomorrow…hard to believe!)

Here’s the handsome man!

Paxton loves outside! If he is fussy and can’t be consoled, we’ll walk outside and he will immediately calm down! Since it was so beautiful I decided that we’d sit on the front porch (it’s covered) and enjoy being outside! We sat out there about 30 minutes (and mama did nothing…wonderful!) Of course he dozed off after a few minutes!

He is sitting in his space saver high chair! We love it! It currently is not in a chair in the kitchen because he doesn’t need to use it yet but he loves sitting in it so when I’m cooking or cleaning in the kitchen I will sit him in it and as you can see it goes outside well too!

Daddy arrived home around 6 to a sleeping baby but that didn’t last long! He soon woke up and was crying. I think that early evening is his “fussy time,” the past 5 days he cries around this time and just wants to be held. John David was the one who consoled him while I got a few things done.

Once Paxton calmed down, we put him in his swing and John David grilled! We had country style ribs, baked potatoes and cheesy garlic bread! It was delicious (especially since I didn’t have to cook!)

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  1. Molly says:

    Oh, it is totally okay to have a fast quick dinner on Wednesdays before church – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oatmeal or cereal, omelets. Yum!

  2. AnnaE says:

    Paxton is soooooooo cute!!!
    I love all the pics!!
    Thanks for posting!!!

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