Last Week

We had a wonderful week last week! Painting, playing outside, reading and dipping feet in the pool!

Paxton painted a canvas for his bedroom one day last week. He was really excited about painting.

He knew exactly what to do with the paint! {He painted circles onto canvas…I haven’t taken a picture but its really cute!}

Weston joined us during painting time! He just laughed and cooed at his brother!

Paxton loves being outside…he adores this tree!

One sweet baby! While I was taking this pictures, he was doing baby pushups for the first time and getting on his knees. {I don’t know if I’m ready for him to be doing this…the thought of 2 mobile children is a bit scary!!}

One handsome little man…love this serious look!

One adorable toddler…he realized I was taking pictures so he smiled big at the camera!!

Brothers…I love this shot of these two!

Paxton wasn’t exactly happy…{it’s hard to take pictures of two little ones!}

One sweet little brother!

My newest dish washing helper…he oversaw me washing the dishes!

And this picture is a reflection of my new attitude of embracing the imperfections of life with little ones. At first glance, it’s a mess in my floor but the reality is it’s a beautiful mess! We had fun playing with the quilts, Weston laid on his belly playing for a while and we read stories here! And the drumstick, guitar and hat are all symbols of my sweet Paxton!

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