Labor Day

We had  a lovely and relaxing Labor Day! Aunt Jill was here visiting and we slept in (it’s rare that we sleep past 9 anymore!)

After I got up and fed Paxton I decided to celebrate Labor Day by watching Paxton’s labor and delivery videos as well as the videos of him meeting our parents. It is absolutely amazing how much a baby can change in 4.5 months! Every time newborn Paxton would make a sweet little noise I would tear up! I watched these while holding my sweet sleeping babe in my arms, I cannot imagine the emotions I will experience when I watch these and he is 10 or 20 and no longer my baby!

Around lunch time we headed over to the Claro’s to spend some time with them!

While we ate lunch, Paxton hung out in the high chair with his toys!!

He looks so big!

John David took a picture of me…he took a few horrible ones before getting a good one!

After lunch we went swimming! The water was chilly but it was nice!

Paxton enjoyed swimming with Aunt Jill.  He’s so serious when it comes to the “big bath”! He rarely smiles while in the swimming pool, I think it’s because he’s prepared to fight if somebody comes towards him with a washcloth ready to wash his neck!

Even though he was swimming, he still took time to chew on his hands!

And he enjoyed relaxing in the baby float! (Jill and I are on both sides of him…we did not let him float all alone!)

Once Paxton and I got out of the pool, (he was hungry and my fair skin would burn if I was in the sun more than 20 minute!) there was a competitive game of pool baseball!

After everybody finished swimming we came inside and just hung out the rest of the evening! It is wonderful to have good friends and enjoy an evening on sitting on the couch and talking!

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  1. Sarah says:

    That picture of him floating is so cute. Looks like a great weekend.

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