Keeping Us Entertained


I’ve not been blogging much lately but I’ve been taking pictures these past few weeks! Here are some of Paxton’s latest antics:


This was after our date a few weeks ago. We got home around 10 or so, he had spent the evening with friends who have an 8 and 4 year old and he was so tired. We laid him on the couch, gave him his bottle and he just looked so comfy!


I walked in our room one day to find Paxton sitting on the floor on the iPad. He loves the iPad! I thought it was so cute!!


While we were listening to music, Paxton went to his room and brought his buckets one by one into the office. Then he went and got a spoon and started drumming along with the music!


Our little drummer! He loves, loves, loves music!!



A self portrait of mama and Paxton!! 


Paxton loves getting in our closet, he pulled out this shirt of his daddy’s and wanted to put it on so daddy put it on him!!


Look at that smile!! So stinkin’ sweet!!


And here’s today’s antics:


I walked in his room to discover toys in his crib. 


He had emptied his toy bucket completely! I suppose he threw his toys in one by one!!And then a little later, he had added to the crib stash! Too funny!!

There’s never, ever a dull moment in our home and I know it’s about to get even more exciting around here!!


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  1. Molly says:

    Soon you will have TWO little ones to amuse you!

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