Just Like Daddy

This morning we got up around 8:00 and had what I called “Productive Pajama Saturday.” We stayed in our pajamas until 11:00 but we were productive in that time!

I unloaded the dishwasher and washed dishes, started a load of cloth diapers and did some straightening around the house! John David pruned our Crape Myrtle which was hitting our window (distracting at night) as well as a vine that was climbing onto the porch and trimmed the dogs nails!

Then we (mainly John David) undertook the big project…cutting Mac’s hair! Mac did not enjoy it too much but everybody involved survived and Mac is ready for summer with his new cooler hairdo! Once he was clipped, John David bathed him while I made lunch (Chicken Salad Sandwhiches!)

Dressed like daddy….button up and jeans!

We left at 12 and went to the church to film video announcements for tomorrow and then John David had to be at the wedding at 1. While he ran sound for the wedding, Paxton and I just hung out in the production booth. After the wedding, John David finished up a few things for Sunday and then we headed home.

Once home, John David left to go to dirt track races with our neighbors and I did some cleaning around the house. Paxton napped all afternoon so I was able to do some cleaning and laundry. Once he woke up I had to take his picture (well, pictures) in his adorable outfit!

Here he is, looking just like daddy:

The signature John David look: Sharpie and Pilot G2 in the pocket (these are the minis!!)

Looking stylish and intelligent! (Dare I say a little geeky…like daddy!)

It’s a Paxton sized iPad! Now he really is just like his daddy!

I think he realizes that it’s not really an iPad (after all, he is John David’s son, he knows his technology!)

After the photo shoot, he had a bath (I love bathing my baby) and then was dressed for bed!

Here he is warming daddy’s side of the bed!

I think he realizes his daddy isn’t home to love on him!

I MISS MY DADDY…(He’s probably thinking I’m with you all the time mama, I want daddy!) (Hopefully not…)

So now baby is sleeping, I’m blogging and daddy is still at the races…

3 Responses to “Just Like Daddy”

  1. grandpa says:

    Too cute

  2. Katie says:

    So completely adorable! And getting so big! Looks like y'all are doing well.

  3. Denise says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!

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