July 2012

Here’s a quick little wrap up of July 2012:

The boys on July 4th! Nana gave them both adorable outfits that they wore! I love this picture of these two precious boys!

We spent the morning/early afternoon with friends and then had 2 couples over to cook out and swim that evening. We had an extremely tired and cranky Paxton tucked in bed before neighbors were shooting fireworks. We ended up watching the fireworks from the neighbors across the street on our front drive! {A nice low key way to spend the 4th with two little ones!}

We took Weston’s high chair out of the chair when we had company over and the next day Paxton insisted on eating his lunch in the high chair on the floor! Too funny…

Weston’s moving around! Exploring under beds is quite fun for babies!

Paxton loves babywearing too!

A new car seat means a new playhouse/barn/fort/rocket for little boys!

I made a batch of peanut butter play dough one afternoon. We both enjoyed playing and nibbling the play dough!

Paxton loved the play dough!

Weston watched us playing with the play dough!

One Saturday John David took 3 naps! {Why can’t my kids nap that much!?!} He was able to get Paxton to nap with him so it was successful!

We bought Weston some teething biscuits…he likes them!

One messy, messy baby!

At 7 months, Weston is really getting into everything! He is army crawling and is fast! I’m not really ready for 2 mobile kids!

And, this is the funniest sleep position of this month…this was how I found im during a nap!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love the pictures of your growing boys! They are adorable!

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