John David’s Birthday

John David turned 22 today! I had a big day planned for him which he knew about because I made him a birthday book outlining the fun day that I gave him Wednesday…I couldn’t stand not telling him my plans!

We slept in to 8, which was nice! We were out of the house by 8:30 on our way to Huntsville, Alabama after a stop at Burger King for Cheesy Tots..yummy! Huntsville was our destination because Apple had their Grand Opening at their Bridge Street Store and he had mentioned earlier in the week that he wanted to go! We arrived there at 10 which was the time the Apple store opened and we had to stand in line a few minutes, the line was really long but the wait wasn’t too bad!

The Bridge Street shopping center…it was really nice, it reminded me a lot of California as far as architecture goes and the water made me think of what Italy might be like!

The line…

Almost there…

We finally made it in!! He didn’t even buy anything even though I told him he had to because we waited in line to get into the store!

After visiting the Apple Store we went to…

John David went as a child but didn’t remember much and I had never been so I thought it would be a fun trip for him because he loves to see what is going on with the space station and loves how all that mechanical stuff works!

Educating himself…he can now tell you anything you want to know about rockets, space ships, and space!!

I just love this picture!

We saw rockets and space craft (I really should have John David write this but I am doing my best!) We watched The Dream is Alive in the IMAX theater there which we both enjoyed! We spent several hours looking around the museum and we rode this…

The ride shoots you up in the air and then you come back down and experience weightlessness! It was fun!

The Birthday Boy!!

The Birthday Boy’s Wife!!

Oh yeah, we had space ice cream…it was really good, different but good!

We had a really great time in Huntsville! On our way home we stopped at a western store and then when we got back home we went out for Mexican for dinner! I had a great day and John David said he is going to have to work hard to top this birthday when mine rolls around again…which I took as a compliment!

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