It’s Quiet

These are the last of my Emerson pictures…unfortunately! I wish I could see her and take pictures of her everyday!! Rebekah and Emerson left yesterday and I must admit that I cried a little when they left…I blame that half on my crazy hormones and half on the fact that I know I will never see 4 month old Emerson again…that makes me a little sad!

Modeling her baby bathrobe after her bath on Monday! She did not like it and I have decided that baby bathrobes are completely impractical!

Look at that crazy hair…after her bath her hair is all frizzy but oh so cute!

I just love this bib! (I did buy it for her!) Isn’t she cute sticking out her little tongue?

Smiling big for her Uncle John David!

Goodbye picture with Uncle John David!

Goodbye kisses!

We love this baby girl so much!

Rebekah and me with Emerson! I miss having my sister around too!

Pretty girl!

Love this expression!

She looks so big here!

Absolutely adorable!!

When they left yesterday the house was really quiet…just me and Mac. I always get a little sad when I’ve had company or John David has been off 4 or 5 days in a row…I go from having constant companionship to being a little lonely and that’s tough. However, John David reminded me that in 6 months we’ll have a baby that we don’t have to say goodbye to! And then of course I know that this time next year I probably would pay lots of money for a few completely quiet hours!

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