Introducing a Sippy Cup

Today Paxton met his sippy cup! I put a little water in it for him to practice drinking. He put it in his mouth and had a look on his face that said “this doesn’t feel right!”

He tried to drink with it and got a little water out of it! He did a really good job holding it!

You can see evidence of his lunch on his bib; he had carrots and rice cereal.

After I took him out of the high chair, I put him in the floor to play with a few toys and gave him the sippy cup. He played with it!

After Paxton’s dinner (a medley of all the foods he’s eaten so far: rice cereal, carrots, applesauce & bananas) he was content in his high chair so we moved his high chair into the living room and he watched a little bit of Chuck with daddy!

He looks so big in his high chair! (He’s really doesn’t look that big in real life!)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aww! He is so cute! Getting so big. 🙂 Carsyn looks bigger in his pictures too.

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