Into Everything

Here are some glimpses of Paxton the past few days, he’s into everything! It’s a full time job staying on top of him and watching him but it is a blast!!

Wednesday he discovered his bookshelf and that he could pull books off! He pulled this one off!

“Mom, can we read this one? It’s about trucks!!” After snapping a few pictures, I sat ┬áhim in my lap and we read all about trucks, tractors, ambulances and firetrucks! He is getting so interactive with his books!!

A little while later I came into his room to find him in the diaper stash! He pushed one basket to the back and has pulled the tie almost completely out (I can no longer tie it into a pretty bow…oh well!) He got into his pre-fold basket! I just love the little expression on his face! (He looks about 2 years old here, he really does not look this old/big in person!)

Like I said, Wednesday he discovered he could pull books off his bookshelf, well yesterday he realized he could pull lots of things off of it! He made a mess but he was having a good time with his toys!

Paxton did this! I honestly wasn’t prepared for my child to start dragging toys out by himself at 6 months!

There is never a dull moment around here these days! Children are fabulous entertainment!

3 Responses to “Into Everything”

  1. Molly says:

    These are GREAT pictures! He looks so happy in them.

  2. Louise Pittman says:

    It's just getting interesting. Love you

  3. Sarah says:

    That is funny! It only gets worse. lol. At least he is independent. Carsyn won't let me put him down. He starts screaming.

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