In the Moby

At 9 months, Paxton sometimes is a little clingy. He often plays quite happily by himself but there are times when he just wants to be held! Since I cannot do much carry around this little fella, the best solution is to wear him! We haven’t used our Moby Wrap in several months (we used to use it everyday for our walks to the mailbox in our old house!) I was amazed that he fit quite well and I was so comfortable!

A little self photography…Look at that handsome man!

Paxton was quite comfortable strapped to mama!

He’s a little off center but we were comfy! This wrap distributes his weight very well…all 20 pounds of it!

{Dear Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles…sorry I’ve not been blogging much over the past few days! We’re all healthy but baby is a little clingy, into everything and messy! A good day for me lately is getting dinner on the table, keeping up with laundry, reading a few stories to Paxton, playing with him and spending time with him and his daddy! I’ve not been great at taking pictures so I don’t have much to share! We love you all!}

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  1. Sarah says:

    So cute. Carsyn has been very clingy the past few days. He loves to be in his boba. Have you looked into those. They are really good for heavier babies. I can even wear Dustyn at 35lbs and it feels great.

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