I Wanna Be a Farmer

With his first trip to East Tennessee, Paxton has gotten a taste of country living and he’s just begging daddy and mama to let him grow up on a farm! (We’d love that!) Right away he was introduced to tractors!!

Sitting in the Case with Grandpa!

Attempting to drive for the first time at 6 weeks!!

He’s really trying…he’s thinking give me about 4 years and I’ll be driving!!

Notice his sweet little overalls and bare feet? So cute!!

And like every trip to the “country,” mama and daddy try to make “plans” on how to get back to farm living…our ultimate dream is to live on a farm however with daddy’s job that’s not exactly easy! We’d sure love for Paxton to grow up on a farm and have a love for agriculture!

(This Case is the same tractor daddy asked mama to court him in and the tractor we left our wedding in! We did meet in the FFA…what do you expect?)

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