Hot Summer Days

These hot summer days mean Mama is inside with baby Paxton!! It’s so hot and he just sweats and sweats and sweats when he gets warm so we avoid the sun and stay in our wonderfully air conditioned home! (I am so thankful for air conditioning…¬†especially¬†with a new baby and my hormones, I get hotter faster now!)

Here are a few shots of him this morning (this was his second onesie of the day…we’re now on outfit number 3 thanks to pee and spit-up!)

He loves his paci and his new PaciGrip!! (I’m giving one away at Frugal & Simple Living!)

In the Bumbo! John David pulled this out the other night and Paxton did quite well in it! (I thought we’d have at least another month before using it but he’s growing so fast…) He just about has full head control now!

He just looks so comfy in it!!

Our sweet little man! (I had to share this one because he looks “baby-ish” here…not quite as grown as he does in the other pictures!)

Love this little expression!!

Oh, being a mama is just wonderful!! I love this little guy so much and cannot imagine our life without him!

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  1. Denise says:

    Cute pictures! It is nice that we have air conditioned homes to keep us comfortable. It is very hot here also!!!What a blessing that you can spend your days with Paxton.

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