He’s Typing

Paxton is starting to play! He loves most of his toys! He plays with his farm, his stuffed animals and rattles but he has a soft spot for technology! (The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree it seems!) Give this child a cell phone, iPad or keyboard and he is content!

Sunday afternoon John David pulled out a keyboard and put it on a stand for Paxton to play with! He hung out with daddy in the office and sat up for 45 minutes straight playing on the keyboard!

I know John David is proud! I suppose he’ll be running lights, sound a camera and Pro Presenter at church in 4-5 years!

Typing away…

(Although I suppose he does have an excuse, daddy is a Technical Director and mama is a blogger and transcriptionist!)

What can we say other than we’re proud of our little typing baby!

4 Responses to “He’s Typing”

  1. Pat Mullis says:

    He is just to "Cute" He is such a smart little boy!! Love you Paxton

  2. Mary says:

    How adorable!! He is getting so big!! Brynna loves technology too (and Brendan is proud since he's a programmer!) She loves our cell phone and the remote. She also LOVES talking to people on Skype. She will crawl after the computer as we slide it across the floor. Too funny. Check out the games on fisher-price.com. The infant ones are pretty cute and she loves the animals and sounds, I bet Paxton would too!

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