Hello Children

I know we look young! We are young! I’m 22 and he’s 23 but do we really look like children?

Well, apparently we do!

A few weeks ago we walked into the Wal-Mart garden center and the greeter (who was in her 70s) greeted us with a “hello children!” I was stunned, I mean I’m 7 months pregnant and definitely showing!! We managed to walk past her and make it into the store before laughing because it was pretty funny!

Well, ┬álast Thursday it happened again! We walked into the funeral home and were greeted “hello children,” (this time by a man in his 60s!) Once again, we said hello, walked on by and had a little giggle!

I am beginning to develop a bit of a complex!! I’ve been told before that I look like I’m about 16 and my husband does too but there’s just something about us being together and me 7 months pregnant that makes me sensitive to people thinking we’re children!!

Well, I suppose when we’re in our 40s we’ll look like we’re in our 20s since we still look like children now!!

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