Hard Drive Crash

Well one of the worst things that could happen in the life of my computer happened tonight. Just a few minutes ago actually. My hard drive crashed.

This week John David has been upgrading our computers to Leopard and getting ready to use our new Time Machine which is a wireless router/ 1 TB hard drive that will automatically back up our files. Monday night he saved everything to his external hard drive and yesterday installed Leopard on his computer. Last night he saved everything on my computer to his external hard drive and after we got home from church he went to put Leopard on my computer and it wouldn’t boot. All that was on there was a flashing folder with a question mark on it! So my hard drive crashed and LAST NIGHT he saved everything! If he hadn’t have backed it up I would have lost EVERYTHING because I didn’t have a backup!

So now we are going to get the hard drive replaced and after we get that we are going to install Leopard so we can use our Time Machine! What a close call at losing all of my PICTURES, WRITING, MUSIC….we are BLESSED! PRAISE GOD! (and don’t forget to backup!)

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