Happy Mothers Day

John David and I have been blessed with wonderful mothers who now are wonderful grandmothers too! They both stayed home with us and our sisters when we were small and that is the reason that I am a stay at home mom now too!

In my 3 weeks as a mama I have learned so much about a mother’s love and have a much greater appreciation for everything that my mother did for me and her sacrificial love! I am thankful to have two wonderful women (as well as a wonderful sister) to turn to for advice about mothering!

On my wedding day ~ May 27, 2006

Nannie and her first grandson ~ April 16, 2010

John David and his mom ~ May 27, 2006

Grandmother and her first grandchild ~ April 16, 2010

And Happy first Mother’s Day to my wonderful sister, Rebekah! You are an amazing mommy to Emerson and I am so proud of you!

Wearing coordinating dresses I made for them on Mother’s Day!

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